Aquathlon ran swimmingly!

42 adults and children took part in an aquathlon at the Merrick Leisure Centre on Saturday 17th September, hosted by our Club.

An aquathlon is a multisport event involving swimming and running. Competitors in the NSTri Club Aquathlon were required to swim lengths of the swimming pool followed immediately by running a laps of the pitch outside the Douglas Ewart High School, distances varying according to age/ability.

As well as Newton Stewart Triathlon Club members participating in the event, there were a number of members of the Merrick Mavericks Swimming Club there as well as Galloway Harriers and some from Kirkcudbright Otters Swimming Club. The event was hailed a success, not only because it gave people of all ages an opportunity to compete in this unusual event, but also because it brought members of different sports clubs together to produce what turned out to be a successful, family friendly event.


Special mention goes to Flora Kennedy, 11, from Kirkcudbright who managed to raise £340 for Glasgow Children’s Hospital, by competing in the event.

The results were as follows:

Age 8 (swim 2 lengths, run 2 laps):


Girls: 1st Maddie Barr, 2nd Isla McConnell, 3rd Lindsay Cannon


Boys: 1st Thomas Simpson, 2nd Mackenzie Sharples

Age 9-10 (swim 6 lengths, run 3 laps):


Girls: 1st Ella Simpson, 2nd Tilly Christie, 3rd Grace Hyslop


Boys: 1st Harry Barr, 2nd Maciek Wichowski, 3rd Bruce Copeland

Age 11-12 (swim 10 lengths, run 4 laps):


Girls: 1st Bronagh Beattie, 2nd Niamh McCarthy, 3rd Flora Kennedy


Boys: 1st David Campion, 2nd Sam Stocks, 3rd Max Williams

Age 13-16 (swim 16 lengths, run 8 laps):


Girls: 1st Mia Gurling


Boys: 1st Sam Gurling, 2nd Douglas Copeland, 3rd Ruairi Beattie

Novice Adult (swim 10 lengths, run 4 laps):


Ladies: 1st Mel Sharp, 2nd Amanda Quinn, 3rd Tracy Jolly

Sprint Adult (swim 20 lengths, run 5km):


Ladies: 1st Lois Campion, 2nd Martina Moore, 3rd Chrissie Vincent


Men: 1st David Beattie, 2nd Lawrie Johnstone, 3rd Stephen Gurling